Roller Coaster | Virtual Reality
By Ranbaxy
Ranbaxy had launched three different body care products, A Hair Gel, An Acne Cream and A Skin Soup. They wanted their users to experience all three of their products, together in 360 App.

ADSMN made a 360 roller coaster ride. The ride contains a 3D model of a man standing straight covering his entire body with tracks.

Once the user where is an HMD he can see himself sitting in a roller coaster cart. This cart takes user to a mesmerizing 360 virtual tour of a roller coaster ride. The cart passes from the different body parts of the 3D model showing user various skin and hair problems on the model, the more the cart moves to the problems, the more clearly the problems is visible.

At the same time user can also see the problems getting treated with the following body care products.